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Incredible Farmstays in India That Are An Absolute Must Visit

soul lies in its countryside. Full of rustic charm and earthy charisma, our villages and rural areas are where you’ll find real character. Endless acres of swaying crops, the sweet smell of wet mud, friendly faces and big hearts are what urbaners are gladly trading soulless, run of the mill hotels for.

India’s soul lies in its countryside. Full of rustic charm and earthy charisma, our villages and rural areas are where you’ll find real character. Endless acres of swaying crops, the sweet smell of wet mud, friendly faces and big hearts are what urbaners are gladly trading soulless, run of the mill hotels for.

Ditch the Turkish towels and spongy mattresses for a hearty organic home-cooked meal and forget about the spa for the peachy glow of a balmy sun and unpolluted air. We’re presenting to you the best farmstays in India where you can finally take that deep breath of fresh air:

1. Off the Grid, Goa

True to its name, Off the Grid is set in a beautiful corner where no network or connectivity has reached yet. A cozy home set in five expansive acres, life here is gleefully simple and joyous. Expect the lullabies of gurgling streams and prepare to be awakened with sweet birdsong. Run by the friendly John Pollard and wife Sylvia, the farm produces its own organic vegetables that are lovingly cooked by the couple for their guests. Here, you can use your time to explore this glorious landscape by hiking, trekking waterfalls or just meditating.

2. Farm of Hapiness, Phungus, Maharashtra

A short distance away from the bustling cities of Mumbai and Pune, this farm seems like a world apart altogether. Spread across a luxurious twenty acres, this cashew and alphonso growing paradise was the brainchild of Rahul and Sampada Kulkarni who used their inheritance to a fulfill their long standing dream. Here you can get your hands dirty by helping out in the farm and really get a taste of the agricultural life. The in house vegetable garden and poultry farm provide fresh produce for meals that are cooked in a basic way but feel gourmet nonetheless.

3. Tathagata Farm, Darjeeling

With a whiff of oranges in the air and the Himalayas playing peek a boo, you can’t ask for a better setting than this for some soul searching. Tathagata Farm is a blessed place where spices, vegetables and fruits thrive and nature paints a beautiful picture. Here you can truly see the effects of sustainable agriculture and talk to the passionate owners about it too. You can choose to indulge in forest walks or just enjoy fishing at the river.

4. Glenburn Tea Estate, Darjeeling

Tucked in the middle of a bouncy tea plantation, this elegant home seems like it’s still stuck in the colonial times. Its gorgeous bungalows are almost too pretty to be true and are run in a professional yet gentleman-ly manner. If it weren’t for the audaciously beautiful surroundings, you almost won’t want to get up from your four poster bed. Another incentive to get out of your jammies is the lovingly prepared English breakfast that is of course served with some of the best teas from the region. From massages to cooking classes and learning the snobbish art of perfect tea-making, there’s lots to keep you occupied here.

5. Philipkutty’s Farm, Lake Vembanad, Kerala

Farmstays in India can’t get better than this. A rustic farm on an island in the middle of a lake. Perched smack in the middle of the pretty Lake Vembanad, this fully sustainable organic farm has luxuriously private villas that overlook the bananas, coconuts and pepper plantations. Get hands on in the kitchen or the field if you’re more of an outdoorsy person or even go boating in the peaceful backwaters, there’s much here to be thankful for. Your little spiritual haven in God’s own country!

6. Maachli, Sindhudurg, Maharashtra

Explore the glorious Konkan coast of Maharashtra in the best possible way at this humble but rewarding accommodation that lies deep in the heart of nature. There are four humble ‘maachlis’ or elevated huts that are surrounded by the Samant family’s banana, beetlenut, coconut plantations. The meditative sounds of the stream flowing through the forest are enough to make you fall in love with this place. Go beach combing at the nearby Bhogwe or Tarkarli beaches or take village walks and revel in the beauty of simplicity.

7. Destiny Farmstay, Ooty

Don’t you love it when a place is so secluded that you feel it exists only for you? Destiny Farmstay is one such secret that you’d love to keep to yourself, lest it gets spoiled. Located at a short distance of 25 kilometers from Ooty, Destiny farm has a huge range of produce like coffee, fruits, spices, herbs and vegetables. Apart from that, there are also many happy farm animals like guinea pigs, horses, farm dogs etc that you and your kids would love to interact with. With 35 simple but well appointed rooms, you’d wonder why people ever choose conventional hotels on a holiday.

8. Rainforest Retreat at Mojo, Coorg

This heavenly retreat is all that you could ask for in a fabulous setting like Coorg. Amidst a plantation spanning twenty acres grow vanilla, coconut, coffee and kokam in perfect harmony. And in the heady aromas of the retreat, you will find peace and solace in the knowledge that all is as it’s supposed to be. There are cottages by the stream and tents deep inside the greens and all of them offer unmatched experiences. You can be a part of daily farm activities like planting seeds and picking coffee. Or you can hang out with the furry residents and make forever friends.

9. Acres wild, Coonoor

If you think people in Bollywood are living it up, you should see the lives of people who have decided to renounce the glamor of the industry. Erstwhile filmmaker Mansoor Khan and his wife made this little paradise after they chose to give up the razzmatazz of the film industry. Spread over 22 acres, this farm has been lovingly developed and this can be seen in the attention to detail in small things here. You can sample some in house gourmet cheese that is made right here at this eco friendly farm or take a hike amidst its natural bounty. There are three cottages, named after cheese of course and a variety of cheesy experiences on offer. Yum yum!

10. Sikkim Bon Farmhouse, Sikkim

In the lap of the Eastern Himalayas lies this magical bird paradise that is untouched by human greed. Delicious meals are prepared from the vegetables from the farm and even eggs and milk are not bought from outside. A great place to go foraging for wild berries and shoots, you can also learn a thing or two about the local cuisine while you are at it. Take a trail through the wild leading up to monasteries and panoramas or just let the medicinal herbs found here do their magic on you while you enjoy a hot stone massage.

11. Spiti Ecosphere, Kaza, Himachal Pradesh

Set in the dramatic backdrop of the Spiti Valley is this community based eco-tourism initiative that gives its guests insights into local farming methods and practices. You can also learn about their innovative ways of water management here. Some of the accommodations are the highest homestays in the Trans-Himalayan region. You can volunteer at the farms and interact with red-cheeked locals or you can also go on a yak safari.

12. Shahpura Bagh, Rajasthan

Live like royalty at this regal homestay that is set in forty five acres of vast countryside midway between Udaipur and Jodhpur. This a working farm that has neem, mango, ashokas and other fruit trees that act as a natural haven for peacocks, colorful birds and wildlife. The royal family still resides in one of the accommodation quarters and is more than happy to personally welcome their guests and indulge in meaningful conversation with them. The rooms are unmistakably resplendent in typical Rajasthani glory and the secluded infinity pool is all that you need to rejuvenate.



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