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Places to Visit Near Mumbai in Winter

As the winter season sets in, Mumbai and its surrounding areas also experience a cool climate. Though Mumbai may not have an extreme drop in temperature, if you are looking for cooler pastures to unwind and enjoy the cold weather, you donít have to go too far from the city. There are several getaway near Mumbai that are perfect for a winter vacation. So pack your bags and head to any of these places over the weekend to enjoy a cool breeze in the lap of nature. We list six such places you can explore this winter.


One of the most popular hill stations, Mahabaleshwar is about five hours away from Mumbai and the drive is one via ghats and long, winding roads. The hill station is known for its hills, cool climate and strawberry farms. Mahabaleshwar can be easily explored in two days and you can either take a stroll and relax in a resort or go sightseeing to vantage points from where you get a clear view of natureís beauty. There is also boating at Venna Lake and donít miss a trip to Mapro Gardens where you can gorge on pizzas and strawberry with cream. The hill station is perfect for the winter and you will need to carry a sweater and jacket as it can get chilly by evening. Sweet corn and mulberries are also grown in Mahabaleshwar, do try them when here.


If you do not want to go too far away from the city yet want a bit of the winter fun, Lonavala is an ideal choice. From a day trip to a weekend getaway, Lonavala qualifies for both and is less than two hours away from the city. You can either drive down which is one of the best ways to reach Lonavala as you encounter mist and fog and tunnels en route. Or, you could also take a bus or train to the hill station. Lonavala has few sightseeing attractions, the most famous one being Tigerís Point from where people can get an amazing view of the surrounding hills. There are food vendors selling freshly-made bhajias that go well with a hot cup of chai or coffee. They also serve Maggi and sheesha. Lonavala also has many dhabas that stay open until late night. You will find hotels of every budget in Lonavala.


One of the coldest regions in Maharashtra is Nashik and so if you want to experience a really cold winter, Nashik is one of the places that you should visit. It will take you approximately three to four hours to reach Nashik by road. Apart from the cool climate, one of the main attractions of this city is the vineyards. From Sula to Soma to York, you will find many of them here and you can have a fun time taking a wine tour, attending wine-tasting sessions and enjoying a view of the vineyards. The best time to visit these vineyards is also winter during the harvest season. There are villas and hotels in Nashik where you can stay for the night. Nashik is a good spot for a weekend getaway and other religious points like Shirdi and Triambakeshwar are also a little away Nashik and you can visit them in the same trip if you want.


If you are someone who prefers the sea and beach to hills and mountains, there are weekend getaways from Mumbai. Alibaug is one of them. Since Mumbaiís summers are hot and humid and monsoons extremely torrential, winters are a good time to visit a beach destination when you can laze around even during the day. Alibaug can be reached via a ferry ride from the Gateway of India that takes less than an hour or you can also drive down there. Alibaug has beaches where you can relax, play Frisbee or even go for a swim if the lifeguards permit. There are villas that can be rented out. Alibaug does not have much sightseeing to offer as such but it is a city break destination from Mumbai for a relaxed trip. Make sure you check the ferry timing if you are taking one especially while coming back as they only run until evening.


Indiaís first planned hill station, Lavasa is also a new destination that can be explored in the winter. You can expect cool climate here as it is surrounded by hills and also has an artificial lake around which the hill station is built. Lavasa is again a weekend getaway and takes about four hours from Mumbai. It is best to drive down here as public transport is not very easily available here. Lavasa has adventure activities like jet ski, trekking, zip lining and more that you can experience and also relaxing activities like tandem cycling and boating. There are limited hotels here but each one is a promising one with views of the beautiful surroundings. The promenade is where all the action is and you will find shops and restaurants lining the streets. Donít forget to carry winter essentials for Lavasa if you plan to stay the night.


Another beach destination near Mumbai is Ganpatipule that has one of the cleanest beaches. Since it is not as commercial as Alibaug, you can expect fewer crowds here. Ganpatipule is actually a pilgrimage town and has a number of temples around that are visited by devotees especially during Ganesh Chaturthi. You can drive down from Mumbai and reach in about five to six hours. It is best to spend one or two nights here to relax and unwind. Apart from temples there isnít much to see in Ganpatipule but the beach is enough to keep beach bums happy. Since there are temples around, you will find it difficult to drink or eat non-vegetarian food here. There are a few hotels including luxury ones where you can book a stay when in Ganpatipule. Evenings are pleasant while nights are chilly so carry some warm clothes.



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