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Places to Visit at Shirdi

Samadhi Mandir

A millionaire from Nagour and an ardent devotee of Sai Baba owned the Samadhi Mandir. He wanted to install an idol of Murlidhar in the temple. Legend has it that the Baba himself became Murlidhar and the temple became Samadhi Mandir. The idol of Baba is made of Italian marble which was built by Late Balaji Vasant in 1954.
Baba’s Samadhi is built with white marble stones. The rails close to it are full of ornamental decorations.
The temple is open from 5 am in the morning with prayers and it is closed at 10 pm with prayers.


Dwarkamai mosque is located on the right side of the entrance of the Samadhi Mandir. The saint stayed in this place till his end. The place has many oil paintings of the saint. These paintings are the main attraction.
Dwarkamai is divided into two levels. The first level contains a portrait of Baba and a big stone on which the saint used to sit. The level has two rooms. One room has a chariot and the other has a palkhi.
The second level has a square stool which is made of stone. The stool was used by Baba when he used to have his bath.


During the last decade of Sai Baba’s life, he used to spend alternate nights at Chavadi. Thus the place became very important. Baba used to be taken in Procession from Dwarkamai to Chavadi.
Even today procession is taken on every Thursdays. The depiction of Sai Baba, which was placed on a silver stool in the right side of the Chavadi is now placed near his Samadhi. Also Baba’s footwear is placed near Baba’s Samadhi.
The Chavadi is divided into two. One part of the Chavadi has a large portraiture of Baba. It also contains a wooden bed and a white chair which belongs to Baba.

Dixit Wada Museum

The Dixit Wada Museum is located at the center of the Sansthan complex. It is a charming and compact museum. The museum contains rare black and white photographs of Sai Baba. Baba’s Kafni that is long robes and his leather padukas and his smoking pipe are also on display. Other things which can be seen at the museum are gramophone records, water tumblers, cooking utensils and bathing stone which were used by Baba.


Gurusthan is a place where Sai Baba was visible to the world for the first time. He was 16 years old then. There is a Neem tree which is quiet famous. It is the Margosa which is referred to in ‘Sai Sat-Charitra’. The devotees believe that if they burn incense sticks at Gurusthan they will be cured of their ailments.
There is a little enshrine in Gurusthan. On a lifted platform of this enshrine a big portraiture of Baba is laid. On the side Baba’s marble statue is placed. The Gurusthan temple no longer exists. It has been removed to give way for the Margosa to grow.
Its open 5 am to 10 pm.

House of Laxmibai Shinde

Right from the beginning of his life Sai Baba had a habit of begging food from his neighborhood. Baba remembered the services that Laxmibai bestowed on him. Before Baba left his body, he gave Laxmibai Shinde a 5 rupee note. Then he gave Laxmi four rupees making the total to Rs 9. The figure indicates the nine types of devotion which is described in chapter 21.
Through this act Baba brought to the notice of Laxmibai Shinde the importance of the nine characteristics of a good disciple. Baba had given Laxmibai Rs 9 many times but the last gift of Rs 9 by Baba is always remembered.

Courtesy : JourneyMart


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