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Jawahar - What to See

Bhopatgad Fort

Bhopatgad Fort, a comparably small fort, located in the outskirts of Jawahar has a structure like a fort constructed by Chathrapathi Shivaji. It is believed that Shivaji was holding his official and personal meetings in this fort, made with dilapidated rocks. The inner chamber looks dark. This is a historical monument related strongly with the Maratha Kingdom.
Legends claims that this fort was visited by Lord Ram, wife Sita and the sons Lava and Kusha, and the smooth rock with the four pairs of foot prints points as the evidence of this legendary story. Many devotees visit this place to offer prayers to Lord Ram. The location is exquisite and one can view the half clouded mountains at long from this place.

Jai Vilas Palace

The Jai Vilas Palace, also known as Raj Bari, was the residential palace of kings of Munke family. The palace is firmly placed at the mount of a rock so that the king can view his kingdom form the top. The domes of the palace are highly attractive and the palace itself is located in the midst of Lusting green sceneries offered by the thick forests around.
This is the famous tourist attraction in Jawahar and presently the palace is renowned for film shootings. The Palace displays the culture and the life style of tribal kings in the erstwhile Munke family.


The Shirpamal, a structure created at the top of a hill, built by the great emperor of the Maratha kingdom Chathrapathi Shivaji and is dating back 3 centuries ago. This is located at the pinnacle of the highest hill so that the royal people can watch the movement of enemies and also to have the great view of the kingdom.
From Shirpamal, one can view the complete down valley vibrating with the natural beauty. Reaching the Shirpamal is really an enjoyable experience and thrilling. This place is a great draw among the tourists.

Dabdaba Falls

Dabdaba Falls, one of the attractive falls in Jawahar, is placed perfectly to soothe the visitor’s body and mind with natural sceneries and fragrance. The whitish gushing water cascading from the rock faces makes this waterfall highly attractive. The surroundings are densely forested and provide a serene location for seclusion seeking travelers. The area is unpolluted and unspoiled without much modern developments and luxuries.
Tourists visiting this natural beauty, never miss the chance of a body rejuvenating bath under the gushing cool waters. During monsoon the waterfalls looks like a virgin beauty just come out from the bath.

Hanuman Point

Hanuman point, a natural attractive pinnacle near the renowned Jai Vials Palace, is a prime location of tourist. One can have a beautiful and impressive panoramic view of the down valley from this point. Legends credit this point with the relaxing point of Hanuman, the great disciple of Lord Ram, during his travel across Bharath to serve his master.
The beautiful location is picturesque with the backdrop of green forests and the grand view of the domes of Jai Vilas Palace. The view of the domes in some particular angles is amazing.

Sunset Point

Sunset Point is the natural attractive point in Jawahar. The place is picturesque and the ambience is cool and calm. The view of sunset in the zenith faraway in the distant sea shore is really a wonderful eye catching view. The tourists reaching this special sunset platform will never miss the opportunity of this breathtaking view. The surroundings of this site is filled with many scenic views of Mother Nature.
The temple enshrining the Gramadaivat literally means the Goddess of the city, is an attractive location here.



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